Software & projects

OpenSource is great and we share some projects on Github for the entire community. Take a look what I have done, read the accompanying license and have fun using them.

nakal's Xmonad Configuration

This is my Xmonad desktop with all nice features. I always clone it, when I need a solid desktop somewhere. It also contains my Shell Setup as submodule.

nakal's Shell Setup

This is my shell setup that I clone along with my Xmonad Configuration. I use this standalone when I don't need a full X desktop, but only my developer setup.

iiview - The image viewer

This thumb-based image viewer is my favorite application to browse larger collections of photos and to view them in fullscreen.

cingb - an old Gameboy™ emulator

This is quite an old dinosaur. I am not using it anymore, but it is nice to remember that I invested really a lot of work to learn about how this stuff works.

bfi - Brainf*ck interpreter

Just for fun.

qubs - A small and simple RPN QBF solver

A simple logic solver for simple problems.


Collection of scripts to process email automatically with PGP.

ZFS Backup Scripts

A collection of backup scripts for ZFS on FreeBSD.


A console (terminal) application to print all unicode characters in UTF-8 encoding.


A simple program in Rust that outputs OpenBSD system information to stdout in a format that is expected to be piped to Xmobar.