IPv6 for DSL dialup on FreeBSD

Setting up IPv6 seems to be a big mystery sometimes. There are various ways ISPs realize it. This article describes how to do I did it for my setup. It might give you some hints what to look at.


NFSv4 and Kerberos on FreeBSD

This is a HowTo that describes a NFS setup based on Kerberos (Heimdal) that enhances the security while sharing NFS filesystems. While running an unprotected NFS server on a network can be a risk, when a NFS server is accessible and users have physical control over their workstation, combining NFS with Kerberos can protect the NFS-shared data against access from unauthorized users.


OpenBSD on GPT with full disk encryption and EFI boot


Installing Phabricator in a FreeBSD Jail

I have written about Phabricator already and how useful it is for software development. In this post, I want to help with the installation of this project management tool.

These setup instructions apply to a typical setup that is done in FreeBSD jails. And I would not recommend to install it on a bare host, because it takes control of a full MariaDB installation that you might also want for other purposes, but you can't.


Custom Unit Tests with Arcanist

Phabricator is a project management tool with integrated repository, bug tracker and many more tools. Arcanist is a command line client for many of Phabricators services. It supports developers to write good software in a way that conforms to modern standards.

Since good software is always tested and one good test is to write unit tests, Arcanist supports the user to use its unit test modules for some test frameworks. You just need to specify the default test engine.


Upgrade Phabricator

Phabricator is a great project management application. It is also easy to upgrade and this is very important for administrators. I wrote down some steps how to update Phabricator.


Managing FreeBSD Jails Manually

If you are tired of using frameworks that complicate your server management and the implied restrictions that often are imposed to make everything seem easy-to-do, this is the right article for you as a FreeBSD Jails manager.


How to make an efficiently compressed drive image

Many people use dd to make an image of their harddrives. They tend to be huge consuming lots of precious space, even when compressed. There is a small trick how to make such an image as small as possible, but still have a fully working result.


Git Bisect Fails

git bisect is a nice Git tool to narrow down a bug to a single commit in logarithmic number of steps. After giving this tool an upper bound (for first known broken commit) and the lower bound (for last known working commit) you can move quickly and divide the commit set in two halfs. The next step will decide if the commit that breaks a feature is in the upper half or the lower one.


Assertions and Fault Tolerance

The quest for software quality is important and bugs are something that you can expect in code, but are unexpected when encountered during runtime, because they are simply not handled. Here are some thoughts about software design that I encountered during doing my daily job improving software quality.